Hecho en Slab Fab Studio… Life in retail thus far…

It’s been four months since Slab Fab Studio opened up the retail space at Dwellings Asheville, NC.
Here’s a recent picture or two of the booth.



Coming from a fabrication/contracting background, I am encountering a bit of a learning curve when it comes to retail sales.
One difference…Trying to anticipate what a potential buyer might want, rather than produce something a buyer asks specifically for. The focus on the sales floor seems to be on compelling and attracting interest, rather than design solutions, execution, and delivery.

I’m not a follower of market style trends… in fact I may be guilty of being too idiosyncratic with my tastes and offerings at Slab Fab Studio. I feel that my niche is offering handmade uniqueness. I hope I inspire… When in doubt, I am capable of toning it down. 🙂
I want buyers to see items that are fun, unique, useful and artful.
I also want people to understand that if inspired by what they see, they could have something custom designed and fabricated locally just for their unique situation and needs. I enjoy that collaboration and challenge.

I like to say… Hecho en Slab Fab Studio… Hecho en Weaverville NC.
But you get it… made by local people with a real face, a real story, who care about what they make, and having a satisfied customer. It’s called standing behind what you do.


This is a picture of a queen size bed ready to leave the shop.
The clients liked my bed design on the floor a Slab Fab Studio (see picture above), but wanted a softening touch of wood.
We fabbed up the steel work, and choose a dark walnut plywood to compliment the natural steel.
Ordinarily, I utilize softer more humble woods for their industrial raw-ness (pine and cedar).
I welcomed the vision of the clients to go this direction, and loved seeing the slick and elegant outcome!
Note to self… more hardwood elements!
I am posting ongoing pictures at my Slab Fab Studio Facebook site… so you should “like” that if you are a Facebook type person, you can keep up with the progress.


I have created a new division of Slab Fab Studio.
I call it UpShift, but the website is UpShiftstudio.com as UpShift.com was taken.
UpShift is the home of my antique/industrial finds,upcycled found object sculpture,home accessories, and furniture.
I have included a lot of pictures of upcycled/art lamps etc. I’d done a while back.
You can also like my Upshift Studio page on Facebook to keep up with new finds, lamps etc.

Here is a picture (front and back) of a new business card I brewed up… really just a great excuse to have great new colors on the card!:)

Picture 1

I really have to thank my lovely wife Marie Morris for her support in my Slab Fab Studio venture.
She is hard at work (a zillion hours) satisfying her Asheville real estate clients, but still has ears, eyes, and energy for my projects.

I also would like to thank the person who gave me the wonderful opportunity to find out “what I’m going to do when I grow up”… That would be the visionary Chris McMillan of Dwellings Asheville NC.

More soon!


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